Allen Merriman, U.S. Air Force Veteran and resident of Maidu Village — A Project Go affordable housing development for seniors

allen02Allen has spent a lifetime giving back; first serving six years in the U.S. Air Force, ten years in the Civil Air Patrol and, with a master’s degree in vocational education, he worked as a job counselor as well as teaching shop and electronics.

Five years ago Allen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Because of this and the gradual loss of funding for vocational programs in schools, Allen eventually fell into a series of unfortunate circumstances including losing his job, losing his home and he ended up homeless, living in his truck for a short time.

With the help of a host of nonprofit agencies and the VA, Allen then began stabilizing his life and finding proper housing. The VA provides help with his medical condition, he was helped by Volunteers of America to fill out necessary forms for the services he is qualified for, and he found quality affordable housing with Project Go — just a few miles from his son, who lives in Rocklin.

Facing the realities of living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s, Allen has days of being nearly immobilized. He could not be more appreciative of Project Go’s senior housing development which provides him with a safe, stable and comfortable home that he can afford.