Connie Treacy, Family Resource Specialist at Kids First, Roseville

connie002I had an affluent life at one time – until the recession hit. That also ended up affecting my marriage. After my divorce I essentially had to start all over and I couldn’t afford to do this on my own, so I moved into my mom’s home in Lincoln with my two children and have been there for three years. At the same time, I began working at a nonprofit in Roseville that provides programs for children and families—where I am now a Family Resource Specialist.

Of course, I would love to rent a place to live for just me and my children, but that’s quite expensive in this area. I’ve made a choice to stay doing what I’m doing at Kids First, helping families and giving back—and in this field the pay isn’t always the best, but it’s worthwhile work that’s needed in the community. Would I love to have my own house, a home, like I’ve had before? You bet I would. But I can’t find someplace that’s affordable here.

I think more people find themselves in that position now, especially after the recession. It’s hard for people who are facing new beginnings and having to start all over again—which is a huge process for anyone losing their home or having their family break up through divorce, domestic violence or other circumstances.

Doing the kind of work that I do—necessary work for families and children in Placer County—being able to rent a two or three bedroom here is far too difficult. So, here I am renting the upstairs from my mom, trying to make another room for my son as he’s getting older—he’s 14 now. But I can’t afford to move out. You’re looking at a minimum of $1,500 or $1,600 a month to rent something that would work for us—and even that’s not easy to find.

People that work in this community of giving—nonprofit services—aren’t in the highest paying jobs, yet its vital work and they need affordable places to live in the community too.

I’ve been on the path of needing assistance–like a lot of people in our community have–so I know what it’s like needing help and wanting to get out of a situation and bettering your life. Being able to find a home that is affordable is part of that process of standing on your own two feet.