Stan Nader, City Council Member, City of Lincoln

In our city’s general plan it calls for the city to ensure housing is available for all income types. So if we’re to honor our general plan, the city needs to be proactive in how we’re going to encourage affordable housing to be constructed. As a city we need to provide incentives for building housing that is affordable and meet the needs of our community.

On a personal note, because the price of apartments have doubled, my daughter and son-in-law can’t afford to rent an apartment in the area and they’ve been living with us for the past year. So you might say I also have a personal family reason as well to encourage the development of more apartments and affordable homes here.

I did some homework and checked with all of the apartments in our city and they all have long waiting lists. This is a very important matter for the community as a whole, and my goal is to try to get the city to be more proactively supportive in how we’re going to create more affordable housing for folks here.