A healthy community is home to people of wide-ranging talents, backgrounds and ages. The rich and diverse fabric of our communities is in grave danger of unraveling; the lack of reasonably-priced housing is the reason. We can and must work together to create housing options for all of us.


Allen Merriman

Air Force Veteran

Allen has spent a lifetime giving back; first serving six years in the U.S. Air Force, ten years in the Civil Air Patrol and, with a master’s degree in vocational education, he worked as a job counselor as well as teaching shop and electronics. Five years ago Allen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Because of this and the gradual loss of funding for vocational programs in schools, Allen…

Living with Parkinson’s, a veteran finds affordable housing for seniors a godsend>

Corrie Traynor

Teacher of the Year

I’m fine where I am at the moment, but to be able to buy a home would be a real stretch for me—even with having the money available to put down on a home, I don’t want to be paying an exorbitant monthly payment. I have a co-worker that teaches in the district who has been trying to buy a home in Roseville but had to end up buying out of the county because he couldn’t afford it here. I hear this sort of story often.

Corrie, California State Teacher of the Year, shares her views on housing>

Aaron Rea

Auburn Firefighter

I currently live in Auburn and I rent a house with two roommates. I really would like to stay here and live near where I work—particularly because of the work I do—and I was born and raised in Auburn. I’ve been looking pretty seriously at houses for the past year—I don’t need a huge house—but anything available is far too expensive.

Living near to work as a firefighter>

Connie Treacy

Nonprofit Employee

Of course, I would love to rent a place to live locally for just me and my children, but that’s quite expensive in this area. I’ve made a choice to stay doing what I’m doing at Kids First, helping families and giving back—and in this field the pay isn’t always the best, but it’s worthwhile work that’s needed in the community. Would I love to have my own house, a home, like I’ve had before? You bet I would. But I can’t find someplace that’s affordable here.

Connie, an employee at Kids First, is candid about working and living here>