Housing Forum Recap from March 20, 2018

Approximately 75 individuals were in attendance at the housing forum that took place on March 20 at the Placer County Community Development Resource Agency. Planning experts Aaron Nousaine and Harriet Ross outlined the various housing needs and limitations of the community, along with ideas to increase local, affordable housing that may be appropriate for the area.

Throughout the presentation, attendees were offered the opportunity to provide feedback, opinions and personal insights into the housing deficit facing many Placer County residents. As Placer Community Foundation CEO Veronica Blake explained, “Now more than ever, we need to think outside the box for creative solutions to the affordable housing crisis.”

Outside of the box ideas are exactly what community attendees offered up as solutions to Placer County, which included the exploration of tiny homes, scaling permit fees to building sizes to reduce costs, following European advanced housing technology (building homes in a single day), 3-D printing of houses (building homes in a matter of hours), designing multi-family/higher density housing to look like single-family homes, creating a new category of zoning to introduce innovative housing types that blend seamlessly into neighborhoods, and many more.

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