Kelley DeVries, Resident of Maidu Village — A Project Go affordable housing development

In moving back to this area about five or six years ago, I didn’t think it would be so hard to find an affordable place to live in South Placer County. My daughter, who lives in Roseville, gave me a hand visiting a lot of locations and I filled out so many applications to no result. At 71, I am on a limited income and could not afford most anything that was available, and there was very little available to begin with. Finally we ended up at Maidu Village which is affordable housing for seniors.

If I hadn’t found these affordable senior living apartments, I probably would have had to go live with my daughter and her husband—and that really wasn’t a choice anyone wanted. Living here has been the only way I could have an independent lifestyle that fits my budget. And, in our search for apartments locally, there was very little to none available for someone in my position. I love it here and I can afford to live here. This wouldn’t have happened for me if not for our finding that rare affordable development run by Project Go.