Support achieved at the Oct. 9 Placer County board of supervisors meeting was tremendous. Thank you to everyone who joined the efforts of Placer Housing Matters to speak in favor of building affordable housing and against in-lieu fees. We would also like to thank county staff for providing the board several recommendations to help address the inadequacies of fee in lieu and the shortage of affordable housing in our county.

As PCF board member Richard Saletta (pictured) so eloquently put it to the board, “It’s time for the policy to be made. These are outstanding recommendations before you….If we wait to collaborate for ‘perfect,’ we won’t get there.”

Unfortunately, we did not get there this time around. The board is taking additional time to review the recommendations of county staff and to meet with stakeholders. It is expected the earliest a solution may be reached is January. Until then, Placer Housing Matters will continue its advocacy efforts. In Tahoe on Oct. 23, the board is encouraging additional commentary regarding in-lieu fees and housing solutions. Following, meetings are also slated for Nov. 6 and Nov. 20 (see the full schedule). We hope to see you there!