Report from Housing Advocates

Sue Thompson (left), Larry Welch (center), and Herb Whitaker (right) represent Housing Advocates at the Placer County Housing Stakeholder Group meetings.

The Housing Stakeholder Group is expected to wrap-up meetings in the next month, and have a report ready to present to the Board of Supervisors as early as March. The group was formed to try and find workable and collaborative solutions around the fee in lieu issue after the Board of Supervisors decided to back-off taking action on the policy in early November 2018. There have been four meetings of the Task Force since then, each engaging about 25 stakeholders from the ranks of county leadership, NGOs, and the building industry.

Housing Advocates are among the highly engaged stakeholders and are encouraged by dialogue that is goal-oriented, strategic, and practical.  The group is anchored by a shared sense of responsibility and view that our housing crisis is a problem to be owned by all sectors, including government, business, and individual interests. There are more than a dozen strategies being proposed and discussed and expectations are high that the report developed at the conclusion of the meeting process will bring a sound recommendation to the Board. Policies, ordinances, fee waivers, deed restrictions, tax incentives, and public-private partnerships are among the many topics on the table. A primary focus for Housing Advocates is to keep a steady drum beat on near-term solutions, so actions that lead to real construction can happen now.  

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