From the Auburn Journal:

As executive director of the Placer Community Foundation, Veronica Blake gets to steer philanthropy where it is needed in the community.

“She and her team help people carry out their charitable intentions in a variety of ways,” Placer County Board of Supervisors District 5 Director Jocelyn Maddux said in a press release. “From helping donors leave their legacy to setting up family funds that have immediate impact, board and staff at PCF work diligently to align donors with causes they care about. The foundation’s donors have granted millions of dollars to a variety of important programs that support seniors, arts, animals, the environment, children, health and more.”

Blake’s leadership efforts have earned her this year’s Placer County award.“(She is being honored for) her tireless work this past year on the housing crises in Placer County,” Maddux said.

For Blake, it is an honor to be shared.

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